Chic Poultry Breeds are Replacing Dogs as Pets

 - Oct 7, 2009
References: theworldlink & huffingtonpost
Urban chicken farming has been on the rise for several years, but there’s a new twist to the practice: People are opting out of keeping a cat or a dog as a pet and choosing chickens instead.

Zem Joaquin at the Huffington post got rid of the family dog because of her son’s allergies and chose chickens instead, ‘Silkies,’ to be exact.

"Silkies are the Pomeranians of the chicken world - beautiful, cuddly, proud and somewhat useless," says Joaquin.

I happen to like the crested Polish chickens myself. I grew up on a farm and my mother had half a dozen or so crested Polish. They roosted in the holly trees, safe from marauding dogs, raccoons and opossums. We didn’t think of them as designer pets, but I guess we were just ahead of our time.