The Chicken Co-Op Designed by RAAD is a Luxury Residence for Chickens

 - May 17, 2011
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The Chicken Co-Op, designed by architecture firm RAAD, is an urban luxury residence for chickens. An energy-efficient residence for chickens and hens, the Chicken Co-op is built from sustainable materials and powered by solar energy. The fan, powered by the sun, keeps chickens cool in the hot summer months, which helps the animals maximize their yield.

The Chicken Co-op has three different floors, providing spacious and comfortable living all-year round for chickens. The first floor is intended for living, the second for laying eggs in a comfortable and private environment and the third floor is for chickens to relax and hang out in what RAAD has named the 'Egg Lounge.'

With a sleek white paint finish, the Chicken Co-op is made from routed exterior grade plywood ad acrylic sheets. The Chicken Co-Op can be easily put together in one day.