Chiara Scarpitti 'Reaction Poetique' Jewelry Line Uses Magic Designs

There is a mystical aura that surrounds the Chiara Scarpitti 'Reaction Poetique' jewelry brand. The Italian designer handcrafts all the accessories for Reaction Poetique. Scarpitti makes powerful magical designs using geometric shapes that hark back to ancient alchemic aesthetics.

Using her craftsmanship techniques along with state-of-the-art technologies that inkjet prints on silk, each design is an oxymoron as it feels organically industrial. The designs embody all the juxtapositions of contemporary jewelery, making her work incredibly interesting.

These stylish necklaces mix the archaic with the modern and are sure to cast a spell on any accessory lover. Additionally, each piece is made to order in Scarpitti's studio, where she will then ship them internationally.