These Chess Set Pieces are Made Entirely from Ice For a Speedy Game

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: amazon & droold
Sometimes chess games take hours to finish with each player waiting ages to decide where to move their various chess pieces. If you want to ensure you have a speedy game next time you play, pick up these chess pieces ice cube molds and play your next game solely with players made from ice.

These icy chess pieces is an ingenious way to speed up the age old game of logic. These chess ice cube trays are made from silicone and come with molds for each of the chess pieces. You can fill one mold up with plain water to replicate the look of white chess pieces and the second with red wine, cola or grape juice to replicate the black pieces. Then set your icy chess pieces up on a checkered board and make some speedy moves before your players melt!