Take a Leaf from a Tree and Get Decorative with Cherry Blossom Notes

Decorate a dull desk environment with delicately dainty cherry blossom notes that are sure to please anyone who craves the outdoors when stuck inside a cramped office space during long working hours.

These pretty floral adhesives are an effortless way to fill a space with cute designs that incorporates the exotic elegance of the Far East and the charming beauty found in nature. Designed by Appree, the blossoms come in two styles, a snowy white set as well as a rose-tinted set that can be mixed and matched for a stunning design.

Every message, from love note to business memo, becomes much more enjoyable and aesthetically attractive when written on the gorgeous cherry blossom notes. They can be used to decorate desks and boring cubicle walls in order to add a feminine touch.