Kerry Ireland's 'Scoffies' Pair Fruit, Chocolate, Cheese and Crackers

Chocolate, fruit, cheese and crackers are often served in close proximity to one another, as they make excellent bite-sized finger foods for both events and on-the-go excursions. Now, Kerry Ireland is now introducing 'Cheesestrings Scoffies' in three different varieties, providing consumers with a cheese snack that's paired with a few other satisfying snacks. For instance, 'The Red One' pairs real cheese chunks with mini pretzels, cherry cubes, yogurt raisins and biscuits.

What's particularly noteworthy about these portable snack containers is that they're described as "mixable" and encourage kids to swap and switch snacks with friends. Unlike many other snacks of its kind, the Cheesestrings Scoffies are also packaged with a convenient resealable tab that means the snacks do not have to be consumed all at once in just one round of snacking.