The Jaambaaro

 - Jul 11, 2008
The Jaambaaro is a pedal-powered ambulance designed by Benoit Angibaud for regions that barely have roads and certainly very little transportation.

"It features a canopy for keeping people out of the sun and a stretcher that the injured can be loaded on,' ecofriend says. "Then the driver hops in front, gets to pedaling, and off they go. While many might argue at what pace it might really work and if pedal power is fast enough to save lives one can safely say that something is better than nothing!"

Imagine this: The weekend whoopee assister (Viagra) overstays its welcome. You're in your fifth hour of a four hour ordeal (as advertised on tv) and you need assistance. You call an ambulance to take you to the hospital because you sure can't walk. Up rolls this little baby. Ha! You say? Not if you were in rural Africa and this was the only way to get to medical assistance.