23 Year Old Colombian Builds $2000 Car

 - Apr 27, 2007
References: eltiempo
Heider Yesid Trujillo is a 23 year old self taught Colombian who designed and built a car with his own hands. The "Hejeder 22" reaches 120 km/h, it has nine shifts, double force system, disc brakes in the four wheels as well as four escape tubes. The car cost is aprox. US$ 2,000 and has incredible innovations for a hand-made car.

Heider started when he was only 9 years old building small clay cars moved by recording machine minimotors. Now, 14 years later and with no further education than his high school, books, internet and his family passion for cars he is not only making his childhood dream a reality but also developing new projects like an eco-friendly 4x4 car with a gas condensation system that eliminates carbone as liquid.

Anyone interested in sponsoring this fresh talent can look for him in his hometown Convencion, Santander (Colombia) and ask for the "Hejeder 22" and the young guy who drives it, dreaming to finally go to a University.

Photo: Arturo Peñaloza / EL TIEMPO.com