Chatterbox Cereal Packaging Serves Up Food for Thought

 - May 14, 2011
References: tarabakerdesign & thedieline
In the Western world, many children take schooling for granted, so the creator of Chatterbox Cereal packaging has gone out of her way to make the idea of education all the more delicious.

To do this, Tara Baker readapted the iconography of retro breakfast boxes, inspired by the soft but playful simplicity that much contemporary child-aimed branding lacks. A common cursive typeface was chosen to indicate the product's name, and illustrations depicting a bowl and a hand holding the spoon demarcate the contents quite clearly.

Each of the three cereal varieties are associated with three separate combinations of colors, inside and outside of the box. The distinctive hues reference the different categories of the snacks' shapes within Chatterbox Cereal packaging, providing young kids with clues of how to recognize, analyze and organize their food as they eat it to promote active learning at home.