Microsoft's 'Tay' AI Uses Conversations to Collect User Data

 - Mar 24, 2016
References: & computerworld
'Tay' is the name of a new chat bot from Microsoft that the public can interact with on Twitter, Kik and GroupMe. Tay is described as a AI bot with "zero chill" who's on a mission to converse with youth in the 18-24 age group and with each interaction, develop a deeper conversational understanding.

Quite simply, when users interact with Tay, the bot becomes smarter and better able to tailor experiences to individuals. Microsoft's Tay may collect data and messages and store them for up to a year in order to improve understanding. This includes information like a user's favorite foods, nicknames, gender, location and relationship status.

Robots and artificial intelligence are offering viable ways to carry out research, especially when deep insights about a particular demographic are desired.