Laugh, But Chanel Knows You'll Want One

 - Oct 16, 2007
References: shefinds
Oh you're laughing, you're crying, you just don't want Chanel Ankle Purses to be true (ankle wallets). But don't worry, Chanel this gallery features at least 5 different styles of ankle purses, so instead of pretending you're not going to wear one, you can just move on to picking which one you want.

Some speculates that the Chanel Ankle Purses are inspired by the ankle-mounted alcohol monitoring devices... Like those worn recently by Lindsay Lohan and Eve. Nice... Lets all emulate the intoxicated celebs.

The poll at reveals that only 1 in 28 would wear the purse... (Ooops, sorry, I messed with the statistics on that one). Amy from the same site puts it best, "I don't know. Maybe it's supposed to be funny. Maybe I just don't "get it." Regardless, I'm sure department stores will pick up on the idea, and before you know it, thirteen-year-old girls everywhere will be purposefully getting themselves grounded so they can sport their own designer ankle monitors around the house."