The Duval-Leroy is the First 100% Vegan Champagne House

 - Dec 2, 2015
References: robbreport & luxurylaunches
French champagne house Duval-Leroy has made a major change within its production process. Becoming the world's first vegan champagne house, the French label no longer uses animal-based products during the making of its wine.

House founder Charles Duval-Leroy stated that this change required 20 years of experience. Making a move to be more environmentally friendly, the company has stopped using animal-derived products for fining wines. These fining agents usually include gelatin, albumin, egg whites, milk protein and isinglass obtained from fish bladders. These agents bind the solids in the wine but traces can remain in the wine. The Duval-Leroy champagne house will now be eliminating the aforementioned product practice and instead be relying primarily on time.

With wine remaining in tanks longer without adding an additional substances, Duval-Leroy is entering a brand new business venture of being cruelty-free.