The 'Chambong' is Designed to Help Consumers Drink Beverages Faster

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: techtimes & contemporist
'The Chambong' was created by a group of friends who combined their skills in glassblowing, art, science and their passion for drinking. The idea behind this drinking apparatus is to allow avid drinkers to consume beverages more quickly.

This unique piece of bar equipment is designed to combine the idea of a frat party with the vibes of an elegant dinner party. The Chambong takes on the hybrid form of a Champagne glass and a smoking apparatus.

Essentially, this glass is shaped like a "V" and the consumer can pour the booze into the large cup-like opening. However, the idea is to drink from the other end, which is much smaller. The device could also be thought of a slender shooter. The unique vessel will appeal to young drinkers and youthful party goers who are looking for ways to cleverly consumer bubbly beverages.