This Series Imagines Each Individual as a Different Piece of Furniture

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: horiamanolache &
Horia Manolache's evocative chair photography imagines different pieces of furniture as humans. For many people, their furniture choices reflect their unique personality and sense of style. This series explores how we relate to the objects in our home by looking specifically at different chairs.

The San Francisco-based artist originally came up with the idea for the series after seeing a beautiful white chair with a broken arm. Manolache imagined this chair as an old woman and began to think about the idea of our furniture as a reflection of our personal experiences. These musings led him to create 'The Chairs' series, in which each piece of furniture is modeled after the owner's unique personality. The quirky chair photography provides an interesting look at the way our taste in home furnishings can reflect who were are as individuals.