Photographer Cerise Doucede Captures People Caught in a Reverie

 - May 30, 2014
References: & beautifuldecay
Talented French photographer Cerise Doucede's photography series 'Egarements' visually captures what being caught inside a daydream looks like. The series features images of a wide range of people living out their normal day-to-day lives as they happen to be caught for a moment inside a personal reverie. The result is a striking series of images that reveal the inner pleasures and desires of the mind.

To capture the dazed quality of a daydream, Doucede suspends various objects in the setting of each image that pertain to that individual's specific fantasy. For example, one image showcases an older gentleman working on designing a car. He is surrounded by suspended toy cars as he dreams about his ultimate dream car. The images vary in theme, depending on each person's personal daydream.