Ceramic Feeld Dishes Exhibit the Grace Clay Sculpture and the Earth

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: benjamingraindorge.fr & muuuz
It's logical that the sculptor of these elegant Ceramic Feeld salvers should have taken some inspiration from the source of his medium. Using clay as his choice material, Benjamin Graindorge modeled a beautiful flat dish with an unusual texture that references the way many people perceive the land.

It's as if the shallow bowl has been extruded from a topographical map, complete with the gentle repetitive grooves and soft raised contours. The piece seems to have been formed through water pooling in the center, and this is now a place where various items can be kept.

The Ceramic Feeld can be placed on a desk, a kitchen table, a countertop or a coffee table. It's ideal for the storage of writing utensils, toys, tiny decorations, cigarettes and even snacks.