The Ceradyne IHPS Ballistic Helmet Uses Modern Materials For Protection

 - Mar 18, 2018
References: army-technology & uncrate
The Ceradyne IHPS Ballistic Helmet is a futuristic piece of armor that was designed to protect soldiers in a more effective way. The sci-fi inspired helmet was designed to protect the face and jaw, and is comprised of advanced materials that provide protection from both handgun and rifle fire. The Ceradyne IHPS Ballistic Helmet is lighter than the current Army helmet, is compatible with a range of accessories and is just the first release in a six-part system.

The Ceradyne IHPS Ballistic Helmet is part of a new initiative to ensure a higher survival rate for soldiers through protection and not offence. Not only does the helmet protect, but it also improves passive hearing and can accept multiple visors to adapt to any situation. The helmet is part of a greater collection of armor and the set will eventually include pieces that protect from the head to the pelvic region.

Image Credit: Ceradyne