Centup Lets You Support Your Favorite Bloggers and Charities

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: centup.org & technabob
CentUp is a new start up that wants to help make it easier for "netizens" to support their favorite sites and charities. It lets you donate money to your favorite sites and to charity at the same time simply by clicking the CentUp button. Donations are small as credits are measured in pennies, but almost half of each donation (45 cents) goes to a niche charity of your choosing.

Users begin by creating a CentUp account, uploading money from their debit or credit card into it. A charity is then chosen, with six currently participating. After that all you need to do is click on the CentUp button every time you visit a website that you like which has the button on its pages. CentUp's list of participating charities is currently short, but the company expects that to pick up in time.