These Censored Movie Clips Shows Frozen Getting Dirtier

 - Jan 27, 2014
References: laughingsquid
If you watch movies on television, you’re no stranger to censored movies. Disney makes movies that are devoid of censors due to their child-friendly content but what if they weren’t? This funny movie clip proves that you can make anything dirty with some good timing on the censors.

Frozen is one of the most popular modern Disney movies and for good reason. The movie features beautiful cinematography, excellent characters and lovely musical scenes. It’s a squeaky clean movie with love at the core but this censored version tarnishes that image to hilarious effect.

The timing is so perfect that if you didn’t watch the movie you would think that they actually could be saying some less than proper things. Disney is the big name when it comes to child-friendly but with some good timing and timely pixelation, any reputation can be hilariously tarnished.