Cell Slider Brings Together People to Help Identify Cancer Cells

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: cellslider.net
With where we are in modern technology and scientific breakthrough, one would think we would have found a cure for cancer; however, most companies don't have the man power to help with this research. Cell Slider has asked the general public to help identify anomalies in technologically projected cell slides.

This kind of citizen science has become a hot topic, as it brings together the public to help put an end to cancer. With Cell Slider, cancer cells are taken and put onto their website. Once projected on the screen, a pattern of the cell is changed into a long amalga rhythm of tiny dots. If the dots don't line up, then one would highlight the section and this would notify the Cancer Research UK board. Interested in how it got started? You can watch this video and see its origins.

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