Celebrity JunkDrawers Uses Celeb Trash to Create Portraits of Them

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: jasonmecier & laughingsquid
Mosaic artist Jason Mercier is the creator behind Celebrity JunkDrawers, a project that involves using the trash of celebrities to create their own portraits. Due to his recent popularity and recognition in the art community, celebs have been reaching out to to the artist so that they might get a portrait done of themselves. Mercier uses whatever materials are provided to him to create the 3D portraits.

A sample collection of thrifted leftovers Mercier might receive would include anything form Pom-poms, clothes pins, gingham fabric, and even tampon boxes. The neat thing about this body of work is that you get to see not only the physical face of the celebrities, but also a small peek into their lives. Although the products you buy may not wholly contribute to your personality, the trash used in the Celebrity JunkDrawers project certainly creates interesting art pieces.