Burglars In Progress Better Make Sure to Choose Victims Wisely

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: securitychoice
Celebrity burglary occasions are on the news way more frequently than expected. It is understandable that burglars choose to break into famous peoples' homes, but I am surprised at how many of them succeed in their mission. This infographic demonstrates different celebrity burglary facts, such as how much they have lost and what items.

Paris Hilton leads the list by having lost the most amount of valued property. She got her designer dresses and accessories stolen that overall added up to $2 million. Runner up is Steve Jobs, who has lost $70,000 worth of electronic items and jewelry.

The funniest part of the infographic are two celebrities who aggressively did not let it happen. Sylvester Stallone and LL Cool J are certainly not a wise pick for robbery pursuits.