This Ceiling Lamp Hook Has Twisted Channels for Twirling Cables Securely

 - Feb 19, 2015
References: kickstarter & designspotter
A simple loop in the overhead plaster is the common means to suspending a pendant light, but this ceiling lamp hook presents a much more imaginative and elegant solution. There's no need to reinforce the slack in the electrical line here, for the cable holds firm when it's gently looped through the Little Bishop's grooves.

Antony Richards designed this practical but creative product, choosing poly resin for the material. It's molded like a short post and extends 16 centimeters downwards. The item is rather minimalist with its matte while finish and its largely cylindrical shape, for it looks as if the pendant lamp's cord has been simply wrapped around it. The channels are actually deeper than they look, giving the fixture great security.