The CCTV Chandelier Looks like a Monitoring Mobile

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: dvice
I can just see reality TV stations outfitting their stars with the CCTV Chandelier. Of course it would take away from the sexy aspect that they're all going for, but perhaps this 'up close and personal' feel will outweigh the idea that, well, sex sells.

Designed by Royal College of Art student Hwang Kim, the CCTV Chandelier is a wearable self-surveillance system that honestly makes the user look like a walking mobile.

Created to be a portable video monitoring device, the CCTV Chandelier records footage with what looks like four cameras and then streams them to 12 individual televisions so that you can review what was recorded later.

On a more practical level, the CCTV Chandelier could provide filmmakers with pretty insane shots.