Enables LED Moonwalking, Michael Jackson Not Included

 - Dec 16, 2008
References: minim.is
So, who hasn’t fantasized about lighting up the sidewalk à la Michael Jackson in the "Billie Jean" video? It only took 25 years, but now we can all moonwalk ourselves to the front door in the glow of hundreds of LED lights.

The CATWALK is a modular sidewalk meant to draw attention to the least notable architectural element of a building - its walkway. CATWALK panels come in 2’ x 2’ and 4’ x 4’ and install on any terrain thanks to adjustable feet on the bottom.

CATWALK comes in sustainable Brazilian hardwood for a traditional look, but seriously, who wants a wood walkway when you can light it up like the 4th of July? Right now the illuminated CATWALK panels only come with white light. But soon, an RGB panel will be available allowing owners to have gently morphing color sidewalks, solid color walkways, or custom programmed sequences of light.

LEDs are gentle on the budget, too. Each CATWALK panel costs a meager $2 per year to operate when used 24 hours a day all year long.

In summary, CATWALK sidewalks let you be Michael Jackson, save money on the electric bill, and save the planet with their sustainable construction. Clearly, everybody wins with this product in their yard.