Castle Reception Desk Give an Impression of an Approachable Enclosure

 - May 9, 2014
References: markusjohansson
The Castle Reception Desk has been designed for offices in which a secretary, a clerk or a receptionist is stationed in a fairly open space. Without four walls to create some sense of privacy for conversations and the concealing of electronics and paperwork, the setup really requires a reasonably substantial workstation.

Markus Johansson strove to design an enclosed escritoire that would not overwhelm its interior environment with an overly sizeable presence. To solve this, partitions were made as vertical slats that come to resemble the stakes of a picket fence. Dreamed up in white and a variety of other neutral colors, the Castle Reception Desk would successfully contain the employee's equipment and stationery, it would blend into corporate decor, and it would appear welcoming to visitors.