The Cast of Vices Handcuff Bracelets are Chic and Obsessive

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: castofvices & highsnobette
The Cast of Vices handcuff bracelets were created to make a social commentary on society's obsession with security and feeling safe.

The bracelets are exquisitely crafted and come in a one-size fits all framework. The bracelets come in silver, gold or black Rhodium plated versions. Cast of Vices promotes fine jewelry craftsmanship and explores the insecurity of the modern world. These lovely bracelets are cheeky and playful, while packing a strong message. They come with Cast of Vices logos embedded in the front and a secure closure. You can layer them up together or wear two matching ones on each wrist to make a racy statement.

The Cast of Vices handcuff bracelets speak out against societal obsessions and introduce sleek contemporary jewelry pieces to the world.