The Casa Dos Claros is Full of Simple Geometric Details

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: swipelife
Simple and unassuming, the Casa Dos Claros is nevertheless full of careful details that makes it stand apart from similar designs. Those who just wander in with closed eyes might not be able to appreciate all of the incredible touches throughout the space, but those who have their eyes wide open will love the geometric theme, wood accents and overall airy ambiance that makes it a space for relaxing.

Designed by Contaminar Arquitectos, the Casa Dos Claros is located in Portugal. Quiet and serene, it boasts a patio right in the middle that extends into the basement. This patio "delineates the social from the private sections located on the upper floor," writes Swipelife. It also bring a touch of the outdoors inside for a refreshing element that is hard not to enjoy.