This Snoopy Cartoon Watch is a Pricey Edition from Bamford Watch Department

The $20,000 Snoopy x Bamford Watch Department cartoon watch is a little more than you might expect to pay for a watch with Snoopy on it. However, the collaboration with fashion designer Rodnik Band is a cute, customized take on the Rolex Datejust that's ultra luxurious.

The design is available in both black and gray, with only 25 pieces in each color available for sale. The lovable dog wears a pair of red sunglasses on the watch, and this red color is accented on the numbers that represent the time of the Snoopy watch. On the watch face, Snoopy's outstretched arms serve as the minute and hour hands, which makes it something that any avid Snoopy or Peanuts collector will want to get their hands on, even if it does cost more than a couple of peanuts.