'Organic' at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery Features Various Artists

Put on at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, the exhibition titled 'Organic' features the work of various artists, and works with the idea that even sculptures can reflect living matter.

One piece for example appears to have realistic, leather-like skin. The work was done by the Campana Brothers, and is actually a cabinet that could provide a modern touch to one's living room. According to DesignBoom, "the artists have imagined functional sculptures whose shapes refer to the complexity of the organic reality, creating a new vocabulary through their reinterpretation of mother nature’s elements." Other pieces in the collection include a chair and a side table that could be confused for the lower half of a person.

These pieces make one think about the similarities between the things people build and the resemblance to organic forms.

Photo Credits: designboom, carpentersworkshopgallery