Carpe Diem Travel Gives Profits to Poverty-Sticken Asian Villages

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: facebook & carpe-diem-travel
You can literally ‘Sieze the Day’ with this re-investing travel company; Carpe Diem Travel organizes trips to Cambodia, Laos and South East Asia then gives all profits made from the trip back into the respective community of travel.

The trips are focused around giving the traveler an exclusive look into the community and village around them. Introducing travellers into a new wave of tourism, Carpe Diem Travel is a social enterprise bringing foreigners into towns to increase awareness while surging money back into these poverty-stricken lands. This not-for-profit organisation runs strictly on the moto of "giving something back" to the world in which we live in. Carpe Diem Travel wants communities to realize their potential in their futures.

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