This Infographic Offers Suggestions Based on Your Myers-Briggs Result

 - Jan 28, 2015
References: truity & designtaxi
This chart on career compatibility offers examples of different career paths you can take based on your Myers-Briggs personality indicator. From Truity Psychometrics, the infographic 'The Best Careers for Your Personality Type' looks at the four dimensions of personality and how they can be used to find a job that fits who you are. These four dimensions are energy style, thinking style, life style and values style. The infographic also indicates what percentage of people fit under each category.

Career compatibility can be determined by whether you are a pragmatist, caretaker, theorist or empath. While creative individualists like INFPs are suited to artistic pursuits like fine art, ESTJ practical supervisors would make great loan officers and school administrators. Five job opportunities are listed for each of the 16 personality types.