Cards Against the Bay Targets Hipsters and Pot Heads

 - Mar 9, 2015
References: kickstarter & sfist
If you consider yourself ahead of the masses and can't live without artisanal coffee and a MacBook, then Cards Against the Bay will be right up your alley. This expansion pack was created by Josh Barrientes, a resident of California's Bay Area. True to the original game, his new cards are raunchy and hilarious, albeit with a distinct vibe to them.

If you have never been to the Bay Area, then you may not get what's so funny about cards such as "A senile E-40" or "The Mexican hot dog man." The Bay Area apparently loves the project as Barrientes has easily hit his Kickstarter goal. If Cards Against the Bay takes off look for more cities and regions to develop idiosyncratic expansion packs as well.