These Cardboard Video Cameras Make a Playful Reference to Big Brother

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: etsy & junk-culture
There isn't anything particularly stealthy about these Cardboard Video Cameras, even though they've been inspired by the devices that keep tabs on all of us in public and private spaces alike. Filez Doux makes surveillance cameras without any working electronic parts, rather copying the general look of different models to produce false CCTVs.

The point of these pieces is to be playful, bringing a touch of irony into the home and expressing a lightness around the idea of an object that's so consumed in controversy outside of one's own door. Each unique security camera is made of recycled corrugated paper and fabricated imaginatively without drawn plans. Whimsical and sometimes colorful elements are added to the Cardboard Video Cameras to give them a fun look that can animate any room.