This Car Covered in 200,000 Cigarettes is an Impactful Installation

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: daylife & odditycentral
It doesn't get much more impactful than a car covered in 200,000 cigarettes when sending a message about the massive amounts of cigarettes that get smoked annually. This installation was created to celebrate World Anti-Tobacco Day, which took place on May 30th.

According to Oddity Central, campaigners in Mumbai and India created the smokable installation that was placed on display in a Mumbai shopping mall, where it attracted the attention of everyone who passed by. India is the world's second-largest producer and consumer of tobacco behind China, according to the American Cancer Society and the World Lung Foundation. About a fifth of Indians, or 241 million people, use tobacco in some form.

The compelling campaign urges smokers to think twice about the amount of tobacco they consume annually, as the average smoker will smoke the car away within a few years.