Captain Hook Lamp is a Chic Rendition of an Unsophisticated Light Fixture

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: danisyoursoulmate & blog.2modern
The Captain Hook Lamp reminds me of the sort of basic hanging lightbulb that you'd find the middle of a basement storeroom, in a cobwebbed attic or down in a dark cellar. It's assembled using fairly simple components like a wire, a fixture, an incandescent light globe and a metal cage, protecting it from smashing if the pendant lamp is swung into something.

But Dan McMahon's prototype isn't just that simple. The cord is made of high quality metal links that allow it to bend and curl. The fixture is sculpted with elegant contours and reveals a gorgeous wood grain. The strong wire cage was soldered and installed securely, and a thoughtful snag on the Captain Hook Lamp was included to enable one to catch it onto a loop on the ceiling, the wall or a shelf of particular interest.