'Miranda' by Capsule.fm Wakes Users up by Reading the News

 - May 8, 2014
References: earlypsule.fm & psfk
Capsule.fm is a company based in Berlin that saw a real opportunity in the product presented in Spike Jone's film 'Her.' The film features a man who becomes involved with a piece of AI that comes with a full personality.

The product by Capsule.fm is called 'Miranda,' and she works as a personal alarm clock that reads the news in the morning. Instead of being jolted out of bed by an annoying blast of music each morning, Miranda aims to wake users up gently and help them out with their morning routine. Whether or not people will start to see this device as a real person is another matter, which is what happened in Jone's film. This piece of AI is just the beginning of more robotic devices entering people's lives.