These Caprese Stuffed Burgers Add an Italian Twist to a Beefy Favorite

If traditional burgers seem a bit too boring, the caprese stuffed burger is an amazing alternative. For those who are not familiar with caprese salads, it is a traditional Italian salad from the Campania region made with sliced mozzarella cheese, baby tomatoes and basil. The dressing served with it is usually a simple blend of olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.

While it is common to enjoy salads and burgers separately, this recipe blurs the boundaries by combining these two edibles into one. Words cannot encapsulate how good an idea this recipe is. The caprese stuffed burger takes a grilled favorite to a whole new level by packing it full of juicy tomatoes, melty cheese and refreshing basil. Once you bite into this burger flavors, juices and herbs will explode in your mouth leaving you speechless and your appetite satisfied—until it’s time to go up for seconds.