Vireo's Extra Virgin Cannabis Olive Oil is Available in Two Flavors

 - Mar 11, 2019
References: vireofood
Vireo's cannabis olive oils are 100% organic, cold pressed and are locally sourced in California. The condiments are made with the most premium ingredients like 125-year-old olives that are sourced from trees in the Sirerra Nevada Mountains and are infused with 4.5 mg of CBD, a naturally derived hemp agent.

Available in two flavors -- original extra virgin and roasted garlic and meyer lemon -- the cbd-infused olive oil is a great addition to both veggie and meat dishes and contains no THC additives, ensuring no psychoactive side effects.

Known for alleviating anxiety and pain, CBD is expanding beyond cannabis flower products and traditional edibles to more unexpected kitchen essentials like olive oils and other condiments. This shift speaks to consumers' growing acceptance of the ingredient's health benefits and a common view of cannabis as something that is no longer taboo.

Image Credit: Instagram