Dog Condoms

 - Aug 12, 2008
References: doggycondoms & zoomdoggle
Condoms for dogs? But why? Because, as you know, they’re going to do it anyway, and Canine Prophylactics are much more ethical than neutering.

That’s the argument some would give, anyway. I think for others, it’s shear entertainment value. I’m left with a bunch of questions—as are you, I’m sure—but the instructions (if this is a real product) surely include step-by-step guides on how to put it on, how to keep it on, and what to do when it’s time to take off.

The site has some instructions here, including tips like "Don’t Apply by Mouth" and after removal, "since it’s a bio-hazard, you may wish to first rinse it in the sink."

The site claims there’s a strong need for this innovation.

"Dog Condoms allow you to keep your puppy peppering the powerful dog spunk that makes him who he is without the typical regret so often associated with humping mutt-style neighborhood bitches," the site says.

"Thanks to the very recent invention of Dog Condoms™, dogs are able to enjoy baby-free sex without the horrible side-effects of spaying or neutering."

Is this for real? It clearly sounds like a joke, especially when they claim "no animal testing." Lol.