This Gallery of Dogs Are Just Losing It with a Lust for Life

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: addelburgh.tumblr & buzzfeed
The folks at Buzzfeed have truly outdone themselves with this hysterically adorable gallery of incredibly excited canine photography.

The crowdsourced gallery from Buzzfeed readers and bloggers depicts no less than 33 canines who just cannot handle how awesome life is right now. From being stoked to meet a member of the Jonas Brothers, to going down a waterslide, to being featured on the news as a sexual predator to just being ridiculously excited with their lust for life, this canine photography will brighten up anyone's day. Seriously, even if you're not much a dog person like me, I dare you to take a look at these dogs with their bulging eyes and intense expressions and not have your heart grow three sizes just like the Grinch at Christmas time. Knowing the Internet like I do, I'm sure a cat version of the same concept is just around the corner.