This Packaging Concept for a Candy Company Uses Vibrant Hues

 - Jan 20, 2016
Designed by Sarah Dornieden, this multicolored candy tins packaging concept for various gummy candies incorporates design elements that make it ideal for slipping in a bag while on the go. Perfect for reuse and keeping the candy fresh, the candy tins feature elegant labels that are dizzying and relaxing at the same time.

To differentiate between varieties of candy, Dornieden has designed a number of quixotic patterns that will help the products stand out on store shelves. Boasting artisan appeal and portability, the candy tins packaging concept also offers post-consumption usage, given that the tins can be washed out and reused for other purposes. A design that highlights a consumer interest in portability, these candy tins designs reflect the needs of the busy modern individual.