Paolo Costagli's Candle Journeys Users Back to His Hometown Tuscany

 - Jan 14, 2013
References: paolocostagli
Paolo Costagli's new 'Vert de Tomate Scented Candle' scent fills rooms with a scent of delicious nostalgia that belongs to the brand owner Paolo Costagli himself. The tomato aroma of this candle is inspired by Costalgi's childhood memories of growing up surrounded by tomato gardens, living in Chianti, Tuscany.

"Just as his jewelry is a fusion of colors that evokes his Florentine upbringing, Paolo has applied his sensitivity to an unexpected fragrance that instantly brings to mind vivid red tomatoes on the vine," describes Paolo Costagli's website.

'Vert de Tomate Scented Candle' journeys its purchasers to the warm summer days in Tuscany, giving them a hint of Costalgi's past, while freshening their rooms with the freshly aromatic scent. This new product makes a personal connection with the brand and its user base.