The Calgary Marathon Added an Event for Canada's 150th Anniversary

To celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary, the Calgary Marathon has created the Confederation 150 as a way to celebrate the event in a fitting way.

The Confederation 150 event consists of a 150K race for participants to challenge themselves and others in that will take place the same weekend as the other races in May 2017.

Explaining the new addition to the race roster, Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Executive Director Kirsten Fleming said, "The Confederation 150 is a 150K, solo certified race that will include [approximately] nine supported pathway loops beginning Saturday [May 27, 2017] that amount to 100K. Those solo runners will finish the first 100K at the start line of the mass race and begin their 101st kilometre at the start line on Sunday, May 28th, essentially finishing their last 50K on our closed 50K ultra road race route."

The Calgary Marathon is sponsored by Scotiabank and is aiming to draw out athletes of all different abilities to participate.