The 'Just Jeans' Campaign Celebrates Courage, Strength and Passion

More than a century after its creation, denim remains one of the most versatile fabrics used in the fashion world. Through different forms, colors and shapes, it has been present in major runway shows and designer collections, reflecting the style and personality of the wearer. This is why Saga Falabella is paying tribute to denim with the 'Just Jeans' campaign. This is an original proposal that involves more than 20 fashion brands targeting women and men and will be present at a national level through the web and 27 flagship stores.

For this campaign, known figures in the art world such as actress Emilia Drago, choreographer Vania Masias, volleyball player Maguilaura Frias, painter Eliott Tupac and musician Pelo Maduro shared with the public life experiences in which they were tested in different areas.

Features like attitude, courage, strength and passion were expressed through a pair of jeans and now, through their personal stories, seek to inspire different users to make the best of them.