The Camilla Franks Fall 2013 Ad is Intriguingly Intricate

The Camilla Franks Fall 2013 campaign is some of the most stunning ads that will be produced this Autumn. Through the intricate work in both her clothes and styling, these images will not soon be forgotten. Known for eccentric prints and colors, Franks does not disappoint this fall. This ad is styled in two colored and two monochromatic pictures.

Each photograph is as stunning as the next, proving one does not need color in order to evoke emotion. The models are dressed in ornate, jewel toned colors that have prints all over. There is a definite Asian inspiration in this collection demonstrated by the reds, golds and peacock feather motifs. The most memorable aspect of Camilla Franks Fall 2013 campaign would be the intricate face jewelry that tied all the looks together.