The Camera Truck by Ian Ruhter is a Moving Time Machine

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: ianruhter.tumblr & vimeo
A new project has been created that takes photography to a whole new level, and Ian Ruhter's 'Camera Truck' is bringing viewers back to the beginning of photography.

Nowadays, it seems like anyone and their mother can take a good photo and market themselves as a photographer. With the introduction of the iPhone camera and advanced DSLR cameras, just about anyone has access to effortless high-quality photographs. Responding to this phenomenon, photographer Ian Ruhter took his life savings out, packed up his life and converted a delivery truck into a giant sized camera truck.

The truck uses a process of developing called wet plate collodion, a process invented in the 1800s that uses a plate coated in silver nitrate that is then exposed and developed before becoming dry.

This video goes into depth the intense process and risk it takes to create these masterful pieces of artwork. Amazingly, one photograph can cost up to $500 to create.