Oio Captures Brazil Beautifully Within His Calmaria Photographs

 - Sep 23, 2013
References: behance.net & behance.net
Diego Oio captures beautiful scenery within his Calmaria photographs, each image highlighting the open atmosphere. The photographs narrate a road trip where the pictures have a grainy-film effect to them, as if those capturing them are filming their adventures.

The pictures look like clips from a movie, as the white clouds and blue skies take over the open road. With their hands out the window of the car, as well as the camera, we can almost feel the fresh air on our fingertips. The red sunset is also captured, where it pours into the sky and through windows. Some of the images are completely over-exposed where a white face or windowpane can be seen.

The photos tell an adventurous story of a group of people enjoying the vast landscapes and the scenes of Calmaria. The Calmaria photographs inspire us to travel the roads and to create our own adventures.