The CallingCube Makes Professional Exchanges Unforgettable

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: callingcube & core77
Forget about traditional business cards, the CallingCube will instantly catch people's attention and make any professional exchange much more meaningful. The CallingCube is a 3D-printed business card shaped as a cube, which the name gives away. A fun alternative, the dice-like CallingCube "is hollow with solid walls, and features standard indented text and logos for a premium weight and feel," as stated by the creators.

Designed by three Ohio-based friends who form 3D Bakery, the CallingCube is currently pending a patent. Nevertheless, this line will sell just about anyone on the CallingCube, "Don't end up in their desk drawer. End up on their desk!" While there have been some creative business card creations in the pat, the CallingCube particularly defies convention.