The Calli-Stroke Bench Eliminates Two Chair Legs in Favor of New Forms

 - Jan 7, 2012
Furniture designers have been playing around with different ways to support seating objects for thousands of years, but it is probably safe to assume that no one has come up with a solution as unusual as this Calli-Stroke Bench. Inspired by a pair of archetypal chairs, Neulhae Cho removed a couple legs to replace them with an utterly surreal substitute.

A hefty tube of stainless steel was bent into graceful coiling shapes that mimic a magnified segment of a tangled telephone cord. The stiffened loops act as props for the back of the perches so that each object needs only three vertical struts to remain stable. The silhouette of the Calli-Stroke Bench celebrates the dynamic relationship between the iconic rectilinear seats and the haphazard helix of the calligraphic substructure.